GOLF DIGEST | 8 women on the obstacles they’ve faced, and overcome, in golf

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It might feel counter to the spirit of Women’s Golf Day to focus on the consistent challenges women face in the game. Shouldn’t this be a day when we celebrate women’s accomplishments in golf rather than lament everything they are forced to overcome? But viewed another way, what better way to acknowledge the incredible road women have traveled and continue to travel than to revisit some of the obstacles they’ve faced and the resilience required to combat them?

Below, we asked eight women in golf to describe examples of adversity they’ve overcome in golf. Their answers are all testaments to the strength and determination found throughout the female golf community.

Erika Larkin
Larkin’s biggest obstacle to overcome in her golf life was accessing golf in the first place. She grew up in Queens, in a family that had no connection to golf whatsoever.

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